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About Us – as told by the CEO

When I started working in the securities industry, more than 10 years ago, I knew that working as a specialist risk solutions operative was my calling. So therefore it became my mission to do everything to the best of my ability and never to surrender to the pain nor ever give up. The result has been a journey across the world that simply cannot be compared. However, as much as there’s been successes, there’s also been failures and losses, and it’s these failures and losses that made me aware of what is my global vision and purpose in this world.

During my operational days I’ve seen men and woman come and go on a regular basis. Not only because they’ve had the wrong impression of what it entails to work in a specialised unit but most importantly what it takes to be a specialist. The physical exhaustion, the mental strain, the psychological impact and most importantly the constant drive to be better. The extreme level of competitiveness that drives you to constantly improve yourself and your skill, that in the end is the difference between life or death and the total devotion to your God and your family. In that I came to realise that it is my sole purpose to ensure that next generation fighters are the best of the best and that they make it their mission to come home.

As the years went on it became apparent to me that I wasn’t the only person that felt this way and that there were others that shared the same vision as I do, so the solution was simple. It was then decided to join forces and forge the path together, as a unit, because we know, together we are stronger. That is the same believe that we share within the company as well as outside the company. The embodiment of unity and the embodiment of esprit de corps.

We knew that a specialist is exactly that, a specialist in his or her field and that made us realise that our approach to the industry was going to be revolutionary because we were going to segment the role of a specialist and give everyone the opportunity to become exactly that however, in a specific field of their choice. To take them, to grow them, to enhance them and to make them the best they’ve ever been, as specialists. At the same time, it became apparent to us that we will also have the opportunity to influence the industry in such a manner that those who choose to join, will do so with pride and honour. They will join the elites by influencing the others and leading by example of honour, discipline, respect, integrity and the highest level of professionalism.


Work hard to follow your passion and train even harder to develop your skill. Get the job done every time and most importantly, come home.


It is our vision to ensure that any individual, company or organisation has access to top graded training, that is in line with international standards, which allows them to build their future in the securities industry.

Core Values

– Honour

– Integrity

– Discipline

– Quality

– Professionalism


Within our company we have years’ worth of experience that is burning to be shared and to be taught to any and all that’s wanting to know more. Our experiences ranges from being a frontline combative, response guard, elite anti-poaching ranger, securities management, investigator and so much more.

We get asked the same questions from time and time again and that is what sets us apart from the other security companies, the other training facilities and why do we believe that we are different. Our response has always been the same in that all our training material, techniques and execution stems from personal experiences of our own, from others that have worked with us before and years’ worth of dedication to the profession.

We salute those who are currently working in the industry, as PSI’s (private security individual), armed response, CIT (cash in transit) guards and the PMC’s (private military contractor) because those men and woman keep us safe, so our goal is to assist, influence and train them to become better and be the best.

We will spend time with you, we will train you physically and mentally to ensure that when you walk away from us, you walk away with the knowledge, the experience and the motivation needed to get the job done.

It is because of our personal interest and investment we’ve made that we devote our time and attention to each individual. We make sure that each individual understands the task, develops the skill, maintains the focus and always give their best, not just form themselves but the unit they work in so that not only they but everyone stays safe and gets the job done.

Our moto is simple;

– We will train you harder than ever before, we will push you to the limits you never knew existed and will assist you in realising what you are capable of.

– We will ensure that you are the best in what you do.


Meet the Team

CEO – Eugéne “Oupa” Voges

“Just get the job done” – Gun Maj Voges (SF)

Starting in the forces back in early 2008, as a combative, he worked he’s way up the through the ranks with blood, sweat and good old fashioned glory. After proving his grit and ability to achieve, he was asked to join an elite ranger’s unit that opened the doors for his career as a specialist. His experience in the industry ranges from fraud investigations, CPO (close protection officer), SF (special forces), deceptionology and active PMC (private military contractor).

In 2018, after serving multiple tours locally and abroad, he returned home and deciding to focus his knowledge and experience on empowering the next generation of fighters on doing it right and staying alive. Working in conjunction with the SAPS and SANDF on multiple occasions his most recent active deployment was focussed on combating crime during the COVID-19 National Lockdown by infiltrating the orchestrators and assist with public safety.

Being granted the rank of Gunnery Major (SF) which was obtained with an exceptional service record, makes him the ideal instructor to guide you in your career as a specialist.

Rest to follow…