High Value Goods Armed Escorts

Skydda Tactical Security has years of experience in security co-ordination and transporting of assets and valuable commodities for different types of operations and large corporate companies throughout South Africa. It has become everyday news hearing trucks being hijacked and robbed which has led to a change in the industry yearning the service of armed escorts. Every week we hear about armed robberies, hijackings and crime that costs the government and private industry R90 billion a year. It is a reality that you have to make use of a reputable security and courier company to deliver your items. Armed Escorting Security with emphasis on:

  • Protecting our clients’ valuable assets during transport using the latest technology available,
  • Consulting with our client to establish what the specific security requirements are and in doing so provide them with an unmatched professional service,
  • Constantly innovate new ways to improve personnel and the products and services we offer.