Events Security Management

Events Security Management

At some stage in any person’s life, they may have attended some or another public event, i.e. a rugby match, a music festival, a craft fair or a concert. With any of these types of public events, Security is of the utmost importance.

Sporting events, fairs, festivals, concerts, conferences, fund raisers, political campaigns, and exhibitions, by their very nature attract crowds and may also become targets for crimes such as theft, robbery, assault and terrorism. These events become bigger targets as crowds assemble and grow. They may also become opportunities for special interest groups to publicly demonstrate. Poor event planning, management, crowd control, security, and ineffective emergency response, increases the likelihood of injuries, property damage and even catastrophic attacks.

Skydda Tactical Security can provide a full range of bespoke corporate and special security services with professionalism and reliability. Our corporate event security services are individually tailored to our client’s requirements and our expert security operations are thoroughly planned with your team and all stakeholders, including police and other local authorities.

Special Events

Our special events unit provides a comprehensive and professional events security solution which is driven by passion and the ability of transforming security risk factors in relation to recreational activities. Events and the smooth running of it has always been our hallmark and providing a holistic operational methodology aimed at giving back value for money is our goal. Our event security crews have wealth of experience in event management, Skydda Tactical Security always ensures that, the right numbers of event crew are deployed and that the necessary and needed skills as per client specifications and request are met. Our propensity to plan, review, implement, deploy and manage all events under our watch dog is second to none, from both local and international standards on concerts, stadium security, film shoots, corporate functions etc. Our array of event Security Services includes:

  • Artist security,
  • Security driving after events,
  • Events parking security,
  • Stewardship at events,
  • Crowd control and management.