Risk Assessment

Rising crime rates affected all South Africans, resulting in an increased need to improve our vigilantes and our ability to protect our property and most importantly our life and the lives of our loved ones. The best way to fight the enemy is by understanding how the enemy operates, routes for possible assaults and how you can ensure that you are secure and prepared for any possible scenario. Performing a risk assessment of your home, office, small holdings or farm is key in the prevention of and the fight against crime.

Security Risk Assessment is vital to ensure your protection against security risks by providing you with a blueprint of risks that exist in your environment and impact of the risks identified. Understanding the risks will assist with the most efficient and effective planning and implementation of an action plan to address risks identified. Our Security Risk Assessments include identifying possible entry points, testing current defences and a comprehensive report covering photographic analysis, defence testing, recommendations to improve as well as crime statistics of the area.