Security Consulting

Skydda Tactical Security provides all-inclusive and comprehensive consulting services for clients and other security service providers. The consulting services are aimed at ensuring that risk analyses are performed to reduce it to the barest minimum. The consulting services are in a variety of fields ranging from corporate theft, fraud, due diligence, security risk analysis, reviewing of physical and technological security systems, designing and implementation of security systems, analysis of internal corporate security systems etc. Our team of skilled professionals and seasoned experts are always willing and on standby to handle to handle client needs and compiling comprehensive and holistic reports on identified risk gaps, system dysfunctionalities, out dated methodologies and others and also help in restructuring your business security systems. Aside from the above, our team of experts will endeavour the under listed are provided based on client requests:

  • Develop technical designs, testing and support initiatives,
  • Develop and document security roles, protocols and objects,
  • Provide and implement appropriate security controls in a timely manner,
  • Create and implement security profiles relating to security processes,
  • Ensure completion and delivery of projects on time and within the budgetary limits,
  • Answer and respond to customer inquiries on security products and services,
  • Design and install security systems to meet customers’ requirements and objectives,
  • Provide the best security consultancy services to business units and customers.