Tactical Training

Skydda Pty (Ltd), in conjunction with Triplo Concepts Pty (Ltd), is proud to announce that we are currently offering certified, qualified and accredited tactical officers training that is backed by the PFTCSA (Professional Firearms Training Council South Africa) as well as the SAPS (South African Police Department).

Our instructors are fully accredited by the PFTC and all carry the unit standard themselves which enables them to conduct the training. Each of them has undergone rigorous training and on the job applicability testing to ensure that all the information that gets taught is understood. With all the training they have undergone, testing and SAPS/PFTC approval, they are the ideal instructors as they themselves are still active within law enforcement.

The training course has been designed in line with SASSETA (Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority) and SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) to ensure that all attending delegates receive the required NQF (National Qualifications Framework) recognition. It is imperative that each delegate walks away with a qualification instead of mere attendance certificate. The Unit Standard that are allocated to these courses are:

Each course is stated at NQF level 5 with a total 5 credits being allocated per unit standard completed. Therefore, when all of the unit standards are completed, the delegate will be allocated a total 20 credit to their SAQA standing.


The ideal of the courses is to allow each delegate to understand, decide and act under the stresses of a tactical environment with the use of firearms for the purpose of private and public law enforcement or in the interest of personal development. Delegates who need to use a firearm for a tactical application will contribute to the safety of themselves and society as a whole, when firearms are used in public areas.

A delegate credited with this unit standard will be able to:

  • Make tactical decisions to reduce risk on injury or harm to him/herself and the general public.
  • Demonstrate a more advanced knowledge of firearms, ammunition and their applications.
  • Demonstrate various arrest and search techniques that have been developed in a controlled environment.
  • Evaluate equipment and techniques for tactical use.
  • Demonstrate a more advanced level of weapons craft (Handgun, Shotgun & Self-loading Rifle).
  • Demonstrate various advanced shooting techniques in a business environment using a variety of modern weapons and techniques.
  • Operate a weapon (Handgun, Shotgun & Self-loading Rifle) in a controlled, stress induced environment.
  • To function as a member of a tactical team in each team structure.


The duration of the course is aligned to number of notable hours required by the relevant governing body being that of SASSETA and the NQF level at which it has to be completed. Therefore, the course duration is set at a minimal of 5 days at 6 hours per day practical and theory combined. Each attending delegate will undergo a variety of physical, mental as well as ability testing whereby the newly acquired techniques & methods will be put to the test. They would include:

  • Weapon Transitioning Drills
  • Multiple Shooting Position
  • Vocalisation
  • Debussing
    • Contact Scenarios
    • Approaching Scenarios
  • Suspect Restraining
  • Immediate Actions Drills
  • Equipment Utilisation
  • Weaponry
  • Movement Drills
  • Hostage Extraction
  • Premises Clearance Drills
  • Premises Breaching Drills

After the successful completion of the course the students will be awarded with a certificate as well as a statement of results which are both an accredited and approved from the PFTC and SAPS