Specialist Services

High Value Goods Armed Escorts

Skydda Tactical Security has years of experience in security co-ordination and transporting of assets and valuable commodities for different types of operations and large corporate companies throughout South Africa. It has become everyday news hearing trucks being hijacked and robbed which has led to a change in the industry yearning the service of armed escorts. Every week we hear about armed robberies, hijackings and crime that costs the government and private industry R90 billion a year. It is a reality that you have to make use of a reputable security and courier company to deliver your items. Armed Escorting Security with emphasis on:

Protecting our clients’ valuable assets during transport using the latest technology available,

Consulting with our client to establish what the specific security requirements are and in doing so provide them with an unmatched professional service,

Constantly innovate new ways to improve personnel and the products and services we offer.


Risk Assessments

Rising crime rates affected all South Africans, resulting in an increased need to improve our vigilantes and our ability to protect our property and most importantly our life and the lives of our loved ones. The best way to fight the enemy is by understanding how the enemy operates, routes for possible assaults and how you can ensure that you are secure and prepared for any possible scenario. Performing a risk assessment of your home, office, small holdings or farm is key in the prevention of and the fight against crime.

A Security Risk Assessment is vital to ensure your protection against security risks by providing you with a blueprint of risks that exist in your environment and impact of the risks identified. Understanding the risks will assist with the most efficient and effective planning and implementation of an action plan to address risks identified. Our Security Risk Assessments include identifying possible entry points, testing current defences and a comprehensive report covering photographic analysis, defence testing, recommendations to improve as well as crime statistics of the area.

Close Protection

Close protection relates to the protection of an individual/individuals’ well-being as well as insuring property is delivered safely…

Our team of qualified close protection officers will ensure your safety and escort you to and from your destinations of choice including cross border travel. Our services can be performed as discernible (discreet or impactful) as required.

Our Services include:

Travel Assessment, whereby we assess any possible threats to the best travels routes.

Location Risk Assessments of the destination is question. 

Executive Close Protection

Skydda’s reputation and legacy is built on attention to detail and investment in the skills and competencies of our officers. Our close protection officers focus on our client’s safety, maintaining the clients’ corporate image and providing absolute peace of mind.


Events Security Management

At some stage in any person’s life, they may have attended some or another public event, i.e. a rugby match, a music festival, a craft fair or a concert. With any of these types of public events, Security is of the utmost importance.

Sporting events, fairs, festivals, concerts, conferences, fund raisers, political campaigns, and exhibitions, by their very nature attract crowds and may also become targets for crimes such as theft, robbery, assault and terrorism. These events become bigger targets as crowds assemble and grow. They may also become opportunities for special interest groups to publicly demonstrate. Poor event planning, management, crowd control, security, and ineffective emergency response, increases the likelihood of injuries, property damage and even catastrophic attacks.

Skydda Tactical Security can provide a full range of bespoke corporate and special security services with professionalism and reliability. Our corporate event security services are individually tailored to our client’s requirements and our expert security operations are thoroughly planned with your team and all stakeholders, including police and other local authorities.

Special Events

Our special events unit provides a comprehensive and professional events security solution which is driven by passion and the ability of transforming security risk factors in relation to recreational activities. Events and the smooth running of it has always been our hallmark and providing a holistic operational methodology aimed at giving back value for money is our goal. Our event security crews have wealth of experience in event management, Skydda Tactical Security always ensures that, the right numbers of event crew are deployed and that the necessary and needed skills as per client specifications and request are met. Our propensity to plan, review, implement, deploy and manage all events under our watch dog is second to none, from both local and international standards on concerts, stadium security, film shoots, corporate functions etc. Our array of event Security Services includes:

  • Artist security,
  • Security driving after events,
  • Events parking security,
  • Stewardship at events,
  • Crowd control and management.
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Security Consulting

Skydda Tactical Security provides all-inclusive and comprehensive consulting services for clients and other security service providers. The consulting services are aimed at ensuring that risk analyses are performed to reduce it to the barest minimum. The consulting services are in a variety of fields ranging from corporate theft, fraud, due diligence, security risk analysis, reviewing of physical and technological security systems, designing and implementation of security systems, analysis of internal corporate security systems etc. Our team of skilled professionals and seasoned experts are always willing and on standby to handle to handle client needs and compiling comprehensive and holistic reports on identified risk gaps, system dysfunctionalities, out dated methodologies and others and also help in restructuring your business security systems. Aside from the above, our team of experts will endeavour the under listed are provided based on client requests:

  • Develop technical designs, testing and support initiatives,
  • Develop and document security roles, protocols and objects,
  • Provide and implement appropriate security controls in a timely manner,
  • Create and implement security profiles relating to security processes,
  • Ensure completion and delivery of projects on time and within the budgetary limits,
  • Answer and respond to customer inquiries on security products and services,
  • Design and install security systems to meet customers’ requirements and objectives,
  • Provide the best security consultancy services to business units and customers.

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