Security Consulting
The best way to fight the enemy is by understanding how the enemy operates
Intelligence and Investigation
Forensic Investigations, Truth Verification ,Technical Surveillance Counter Measures and Intelligence Gathering
Vetting And Verification
Effective Employee Screening results in the right employees that positively impact on productivity

Honor. Integrity. Discipline. Quality. Professionalism.

We are a tactical and security consulting company committed to training and protection. Our experience ranges from being a frontline combative, response guard, elite anti-poaching ranger, securities management, investigator and so much more.

Tactical Training and On-Site Support

We will spend time with you, we will train you physically and mentally to ensure that when you walk away from us, with knowledge, experience and the motivation needed to get the job done.

It is because of our personal interest and investment we’ve made that we devote our time and attention to each individual. We make sure that each individual understands the task, develops the skill, maintains the focus and always give their best, not just form themselves but the unit they work in so that not only they but everyone stays safe and gets the job done.

Security Consulting &

Risk Assessment

Security Consulting & Risk Assessment

Skydda Tactical Security provides all-inclusive and comprehensive consulting services for clients and other security service providers. Aimed at ensuring that risk analyses are performed to reduce it to the barest minimum.

Our Security Risk Assessments include identifying possible entry points, testing current defenses, and a comprehensive report covering photographic analysis, defense testing, recommendations to improve as well as crime statistics of the area.

Intelligence &


Intelligence & Investigation

Forensic Investigations (Criminal, Industrial, Commercial and Domestic) Truth Verification (Voice Stress Analysis) Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (De-bugging) and Intelligence Gathering, which includes Technical Surveillance, Personal Surveillance and the supply of skilled and trained Undercover Agents. 

Our investigation team has the experience and skill required to understand each unique situation and assess which tools would be best suited to solving the problem

Firearms Training

Regulation 21 Compliance Training

Firearms Training
Regulations 21 Compliance Training

Fully accredited by the PFTC as well as the SAPS, firearm proficiency training. The training is offered to anyone who privately wants use a firearm and or who requires a Competency Certificate in terms of the relevant regulation. It is important to remember that by law any applicant has to have an SAPS competency certificate to be able to purchase/receive any firearm and apply for a firearms licence.

Specialist Training Courses


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